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Blue Knights Holiday Fund

As you all know we have been taking up a "Holiday Fund" collection at weekly rides and meetings.

In these trying times of unemployment and underemployment some families are working twice as hard and just not getting where they deserve to be. 

With the funds collected we intend to "adopt" families during the Thanksgiving (and hopefully Christmas and Chanukka) season and assist with putting on the perfect family meal that otherwise may not be served. Giving them and ourselves something to truely be thankful for. 

In the last few years we have accumulated about $1,000.00 each year. We have done this one dollar at a time. For this we can all give ourselves a big pat on the back.

Not everyone can make the rides and or meetings. Due to the nature of our business someone always has to be on a shift somewhere. Law Enforcement does not take a day off. For those who can not make it to the events or those who just want to give a little bit more we are leaning again on the wonder of technology. Our new friend PayPal. You can now make a donation at any time in any amount.