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Reposa, Fitting Tribute--Gemma Ride

Reposa, Fitting Tribute--Gemma Ride

8/18/2013 | Webmaster Blue Knights RI 1
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I want to thank everyone who came to the wake and funeral for our Brother John.  It was a fitting tribute for such a good hearted soul.  I have to thank our Brothers from Mass 1 that came down and spent the afternoon and night waiting in line on Thursday as well as our Brothers and Sisters from the Defenders who came to share in our remembrance of our Brother John.  You could see from the turnout that John was loved by everyone that he touched.  I have to tell you that his parents and sister were deeply touched by our final salute to John at his casket.  He always had a smile on that would brightened your day.  He will be sadly missed.  R.I.P. in Heaven 1 my Brother.   After such an emotional two days I have to thank everyone who came to the Gloria Gemma Cancer Ride on  Saturday.  As always the cancer survivors appreciated us giving them the opportunity to go on the ride.  Thank you to all who volunteered and gave a survivor a ri ...

Katie Ride 2013

Katie Ride 2013

8/12/2013 | Webmaster Blue Knights RI 1
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I want to thank everyone who participated in the Katie Ride yesterday especially under such heart felt circumstances.  It was an emotional moment when John D Jr. had a moment of silence at the Katie Memorial down in North Kingstown for our Brother John Reposa and all our Brothers and Sisters we've lost this past year.  I have to thank the road guards for such a great job keeping us all safe thru the ride and also to Coventry PD especially for notifying West Greenwich PD and they must have called North Kingstown PD also.  I especially have to thank Alan for testing our dirt bike riding skills.  (Sorry Alan couldn't resist.)  A thank you to Deb and Ray for handling the sign in table and Rico for pushing our raffle tickets.  Also a shout out to Tom Martino and his grandson for supplying the music.  If you left early you missed Tommy doing such a great job singing, who knew Tommy had such a voice.  As always a thank you to the Mason's for the use of ...

Passing of a Brother

Passing of a Brother

8/11/2013 | Webmaster Blue Knights RI 1
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Please forgive me my Brothers and Sisters I just can't believe I have to put this message out.  It is with profound sadness that I must inform the membership of another loss.  I was informed by Brother Deschamps that Brother John Raposa passed away Saturday night after having been involved in a motorcycle accident in Jamestown.  Once I get further information I will inform the membership.  I worked with John on the Providence Police Department for many years.  At one time he had been a member of the PPD motorcycle unit.  Ride on my Brother in Heaven 1, it's getting a little crowded up there but you are in good company.  Lord please give us strength in this time of loss.   Ride With Pride BFL Ken Penza Blue Knights RI 1 President

Rhode Island Representing at the SRC

Rhode Island Representing at the SRC

5/5/2013 | Webmaster Blue Knights RI 1
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What could be better than going to a conference and meeting new friends? Going to a conference and running into old friends. Leisa and I went to the banquet for the Southern Regional Conference and there he was. The legend Dick Belevance! We sat together had a meal and some good times. As the hour was late and we had a two hour plus drive home we could not go back to the host hotel to partake in the hospitality being offered. It was nice to see DJ again and Leisa finally got to meet Glen Wheat in person.  Also, Rick Damon from FL 30 will be in Woonsocket and area September 21 through Oct 6. He is seeking RI Brothers and Sisters to hook up with. His e-mail

Kick Off Breakfast 2013

Kick Off Breakfast 2013

4/16/2013 | Webmaster Blue Knights RI 1
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This Sunday (April 21st) is the kick off breakfast starting at 9am until 11am.  If you could please e-mail me if you plan on attending and how many will be attending with you so we can have an idea of how much food we will need it would be greatly appreciated.  The breakfast is free to our family and friends.  Maybe after the breakfast we can go for a little ride.   DUE TO THE BREAKFAST THERE WILL BE NO MEETING THIS THURSDAY APRIL 18TH!!!

OD visiting our Brother

OD visiting our Brother "Zee" in Florida

3/8/2013 | Webmaster Blue Knights RI 1
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Jack O'Donnell was visiting our Brother "Zee" in Florida and letting him know that his Brothers and Sisters here in Rhode Island are thinking of him and praying for him.

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